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About StopFalls California

Started in 2007, spearheaded by the Falls Prevention Center of Excellence at USC and funded by Archstone, a statewide falls prevention strategy was initiated. This critical step created 15 local coalitions around California.

Today, Stop Falls California is the acknowledged information and communication center for falls prevention efforts in the state. The National Council on Aging recognizes Stop Falls California as the statewide coalition for California.

Our mission is to prevent falls in older adults. And to do so by reducing fall risk, injuries and hospitalizations associated with falls. For all older adults in California.

We are as strong as our members and partners. We encourage all those interested in a collaborative approach to improve the health and safety of older adults in California by preventing falls.

Local coalitions are the frontline of successful community fall prevention interventions. From awareness presentations, fall risk screening at health fairs, and providing evidence base programs to innovating how their local service delivery pathway works on behalf of the older adults. Stop Falls California coalition members are at the forefront.

Please join us.

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Working Group

The Working Group are a select number of individuals from around California who by their local coalition efforts and individual commitment to falls prevention navigate the state falls prevention coalition Stop Falls California and maintain communication with the National Council on Aging's nationwide falls prevention consortium. This group compiles annual findings and efforts to participate in the NCOA's efforts to prevent falls in the U.S.

Christy Adams

Christy Adams - RN, BSN, MPH


Trauma Prevention Coordinator, UC Davis Health System

Karissa Anderson

Karissa Anderson - CDPH-CDIC


Health Program Specialist, California Department of Public Health, Older Adult Injury Prevention Program

Kari Carmody

Kari Carmody - MPH


Health Promotion Assistant ManagerAging & Independence Services, Health and Human Services | County of San Diego


Manager, Injury Prevention and Community Engagement, Trauma Service, Stanford Health Care

Miriam Rabinovitz

Miriam Rabinovitz - MPH


Alameda County Senior Injury Prevention Coordinator

Gretchen Swanson

Gretchen Swanson - DPT MPH


Advisor, Heart of Ida, Long Beach, CA


60+ Californians

2016 Projection, California Aging Pop. Demographic Projections for Intrastate Funding Formula (IFF)

60+ Californians Living Alone

2016 Projection, California Aging Pop. Demographic Projections for Intrastate Funding Formula (IFF)

Health Promotion Contacts

Title IIID  2013/2014 Statistics/Demographics, CDA Statistical Fact Sheets & Program Narratives (March 2015)

Local Coalitions

Fall Prevention Local Coalitions - California