Safety Net for Frail in City of Los Angeles – Emergency Alert Response System

During a recent phone interview with Dr. Anat Louis, Department of Aging, City of Los Angeles we learned of a critical safety stabilizing program offered to LA City residents. For over 15 years the City reaches out to isolated, home bound frail older adults who do not have adequate care giving coverage.

You and those you know can link to this program.  If appropriate, a case manager will visit the older adult and assess safety, general health and functional status and related key factors. If eligible for the “Emergency Alert Response System” or EARS the system will be installed, in addition to connecting the isolated older adult to  resources such as care giving and emotional support, meals, and transportation to MD appointments. The EARS unit is checked monthly and the older adult is visited at least yearly.

“EARS has saved one million dollars in Fire Department expenses”, according to Dr. Louis. And it is considered to be an essential element of the city’s fall prevention strategy. The program currently serves between  700-800 older adults. The numbers served fluctuate based on the needs of the older adult and current CDBG funding levels.

How does this work? Each older adult enrolled is linked to the closest Multi-service Senior Center. If you have or you know someone who may benefit here is the contact information for each Multi-service Senior Center (with a map).

If you are frequently referring folks for services within the City of Los Angeles – here is the program/service directory.

Dr. Anat Louis is the Program Development Director, Los Angeles, Dept. of Aging at 221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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