The Falls Prevention Awareness Presentations begin LA roll-out

In July, the LA Falls Prevention Coalition trained 17 members in how to give a Falls Prevention Awareness Presentation. Each attended received the PowerPoint in English and in Spanish and the Stay Independent Questionnaire in the same languages – a trainer’s manual was provided. And now the efforts are paying off!

Ines Bryan from Westside Pacific Village shares her very first effort – a success! And neatly situated before her Matter of Balance offering. Well done!

“All worked out beautifully. We had a small group of five, which allowed for incorporating personal stories and ideas. This was particularly helpful as the participants would encourage one another to take action. I was impressed. The presentation as well as the risk assessment work page were well received. From our discussion, I could tell that some of the information was an ‘eye opener’ to the participants. Especially the idea of listing all medicines on one sheet of paper and taking this summary to their doctors or pharmacists, seemed like a simple task with a significant impact. All in all, everyone concluded that we each must be proactive in the prevention of falls. I call that a success!

One observation I found interesting: Each participant today stated that their doctors, no matter which field of practice, have never addressed falls with them. And that despite the fact that we had people with canes and walkers attend. So we concluded that we as patients need to bring this up with our physicians.

I am hopeful that Westside Pacific Village will find space for future presentations. Next week, I am starting to teach the “Matter of Balance” class. We already have a list of 18 participants. The word is out: Falls are preventable. We will keep spreading the word here in Westchester and surrounding areas.”

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